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Fasting is commonly used as a means to lose weight nowadays. This is because most people believe, even experts, that fasting can help you to lose weight quickly. You can lose weight fasting because you will restrict yourself from eating but that’s not where it ends. There are other factors to consider that should be done along with fasting to make it safe and effective in losing weight.

About Fasting

Fasting can be simply described as not eating for a certain period. Fasting traditionally involves taking in nothing else but water. The word “fast” is where the word breakfast was created and breakfast means “breaking our overnight fast”. As a matter of fact, people say that a body needs to fast 12 hours a day which is why it is advisable to take in only water after dinner especially before going to bed. The 12 hours fasting time is when the body will digest and clear everything inside to prepare it for the next day’s meals. This is actually a healthy practice especially if you want to maintain physically fit body.

Is it Dangerous?

Even though fasting is commonly done by people, there is still a chance that it can become dangerous to the health. This can happen if fasting is practiced excessively especially without any medical supervision. With this being said, you should always ask your health adviser or doctor before trying fasting as a way to lose weight. Here are 5 ways that can make fasting dangerous.

1. Having a certain medical condition that will require you to eat certain foods at certain times. This includes those who are diabetic and those who are suffering from renal conditions.

2. If you are taking medications especially if it requires you to have a normal diet. The medication may produce dangerous effects to your body if you do not follow a normal diet routine.

3. If you have been in an unhealthy diet routine most of the time. Fasting can make you unhealthier since this may result to producing a powerful detoxification effect that may greatly affect some organs of your body such as your kidney and liver.

4. This is not recommended to people who have history of compulsive eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia since fasting can trigger that and lead that person to do compulsive eating again.

5. Fasting can pose a threat to your life if it is done for too long. Do not let yourself starve because you will just restrict your body from getting the right amount of nutrients thus, damaging your organs and ruining your health. Here’s some advice on safe fasting: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-198100/How-I-fast-safely.html

How to Lose Weight Fasting

First of all, consult your doctor or health adviser to know if your body can handle this to lose weight. A safe way to start fasting is to drink only water for 24 hours after dinner for an evening. After that, start your diet with a light meal of pure salads or fruits. If your body can take it, you can then start 3 days of fasting. You can eat only raw vegetables and fruits just to fill your stomach with something and avoid getting too hungry. These are just some suggestions, you can ask your health adviser, doctor or dietician to provide you the best suitable way for you to do fasting.

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  1. Zak

    Hello folks, I agree, if you want to lose some pounds you should not fast, it just leads to binges. Eat plenty of meat or other protein foods.

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